Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Pregnancy Complications In YouTube Video With Husband Andrew East

Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Pregnancy Complications In YouTube Video With Husband Andrew East
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Shawn Johnson is opening up about the complications she is facing during her pregnancy. The Olympian and her husband, Andrew East, got candid regarding their journey in a YouTube video they posted to their channel.

Johnson and East revealed it all began with what they thought was a routine 20-week ultrasound. The doctor told them things looked "just ok" with the baby but learned that was not necessarily the case.

"I felt like someone knocked every ounce of air out of me. The baby's kidneys were really underdeveloped but dilated, so they were retaining a bunch of fluid," Johnson shared as tears well up in her eyes.

The doctor explained the kidney condition could be normal, could fix itself or it could get worse. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done but wait and see what happens. It is a common condition, which eased the soon to be first-time parents mind a little bit.

Neither one was quite prepared for the second issue with Johnson's pregnancy. The baby has a two-vessel umbilical cord, as opposed to the normal three-vessels. It is a rare condition that only occurs in 1% of pregnancies.

"It's super rare and can have its complications. There's the risk of stillbirth and the baby not making it to term and the baby not getting enough nutrients or having too much toxins in their body," the gymnastics star explained.

The combination of these two conditions has raised flags because it could lead to Down Syndrome or chromosome abnormality. After being advised by doctors Johnson and East will have genetic testing done, as well as have frequent doctor visits to monitor the baby.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East are sharing the two pregnancy complication they are facing with their unborn child. She admitted to breaking down in the car following the appointment out of helplessness.

"We love our baby so much, and not being able to do anything for them was the worst feeling in the world. Welcome to parenthood," the gold medal winner stated.

The pregnancy complications are heightened for the couple because Johnson suffered a miscarriage with their first child in October 2017. However, both Johnson and East are focused on loving their baby and facing what happens head on together.

It certainly isn't fair what they are going through, especially after enduring a miscarriage, but the couple is not taking pity on themselves. Nope, the Easts are staying positive and will continue to update their fans on the pregnancy.

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