Ashley Graham Shares Adorable Family Photos With Justin Irvin And Baby Isaac

Ashley Graham Shares Adorable Family Photos With Justin Irvin And Baby Isaac
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham has been celebrating her 10-year anniversary to husband Justin Irvin, and she continues to post adorable family photos with her baby Isaac. Justin and Isaac were even spotted swimming together in their pool where Isaac showed off that he can swim underwater at 7 months old.

Ashley continues to share her post-partum journey online and though many celebrities make it appear that they gave birth and six weeks later were a size 0, Ashley is sharing a journey that is more relatable to many women.

After giving birth, Ashley has posted her work-out videos as she continues to get in shape. She has shown her post-partum belly including stretch marks and has recently announced she's going to give up sugar as she feels her sweet tooth is too strong for her to resist.

In the photo slideshow below, Ashley Graham shared two sweet photos with herself and Justin as she held a diaper-clad Isaac on his shoulder. Isaac was busy playing with his mother's hair and then put his arm in front of his dad's face. Justin and Ashley were beaming with joy as they carefully shielded their child's face from the camera.

You may see the photos that Ashley Graham shared with her 11.2 million Instagram followers in the slideshow player below.

Many fans left comments regarding how fast Isaac is growing. It's hard to believe that he's already seven months old, but the video showing him swimming underwater proves that Ashley's little angel is growing up quickly.

Justin was holding baby Isaac as he sat on the side of the pool, then trustingly jumped to his father. He went underwater and came right back up again.

Teaching young children how to swim at an early age is lifesaving and can prevent drowning deaths. For those who live near water or have a pool on their property, teaching infants how to swim is imperative.

It seems that Justin and Ashley have done a great job teaching Isaac how to swim.

You may see the video that Ashley Graham shared on her Instagram account featuring Isaac swimming below.

What do you think about Ashley Graham's latest photos and videos? Were you surprised to see baby Isaac swimming already?

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