Syleena Johnson Flaunts Her 50-Pound Weight Loss In Stunning Photos And Explains Why She Became A Bodybuilder

Syleena Johnson Flaunts Her 50-Pound Weight Loss In Stunning Photos And Explains Why She Became A Bodybuilder
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Syleena Johnson sure knows how to shock people. The talented singer and songwriter was mainly known for her music and stellar vocal cords.

Her fame grew when she started hosting the TV One daytime talk show, Sister Circle . However, now the diva is breaking the Internet with her amazing body and her accomplishments as a fitness competitor.

Syleena, who is currently promoting her new album, WOMAN , sat down with Madame Noire and revealed how she lost 50 pounds and got ripped.

The R&B diva told the publication: "I've always wanted to bodybuid for two decades even, and I just never got around to it. Something was like; this is the moment. This is the time. So I documented it, and I created a documentary called "From One Stage to the Next." It shows you, well, it shows me, going through all of the different things I had to go through to be able to get to the fitness stage in the midst of performing on the singing stage and also being a talk show host on that stage. "

She went on to say: "I was just kind of bouncing around from stage to stage to stage in my life. There is always the mom and wife stage. There are all these different stages in your life you have to perform on. So we created a documentary following all that. We started last May recording. It took me eight months to get in shape for the fitness competition. I had to drop over fiftysomething pounds. The motivation was just to be able to do something I've always wanted to do. I just didn't want to be 80 years old like, "Man, I wish I would have done it."

The mom added: "Yes! Absolutely. It took two months for me to even talk about it. I trained for two months and had dropped the first 25 pounds before I even said anything about it. I knew that people wouldn't believe me. Even my closest friends, I knew they wouldn't believe me because people say they're going to do stuff all of the time, but something that strenuous and tumultuous, that's something where people have to see you doing it. So, it was just me following my dreams, following through with it, and doing it. "

She concluded by: "I needed to tell everyone because the accountability for me was one thing, but then the accountability for all of us, all Black women who are watching Sister Circle every day, and me sitting up there talking about it but at the end of the day, I'm not in my best shape, that's hypocritical. So I wanted to show them I could do it with them, and we can all do it too, together."

Syleena is indeed living her best life and looking amazing while at it.

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