Sharon Stone Reveals The Time She Was Struck By Lightning

Sharon Stone Reveals The Time She Was Struck By Lightning
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During a new podcast episode of Films To Be Buried With , Sharon Stone told a harrowing story of the time she was struck by lightning and flew across her kitchen.

Page Six picked up on the actress's comments in which she said she was at her home in their kitchen which had its own well. While filling an iron pot with water, with one hand on the faucet and the other on the iron, she was struck by lightning that came up through the water.

Sharon says she was literally picked up and thrown across the room, slamming against the fridge before she finally hit the ground. Her mother was the one to rush her to the hospital. Stone said the experience changed her permanently.

The Casino star recalled how she had to get an EKG every day for approximately ten days. She says there was a lot of electricity in her body, and they worried about her condition. With all things considered, Sharon said she was lucky to be alive and was glad she made it through.

Sharon has had multiple run-ins with death, including in 2001 when she suffered a brain aneurysm that left her a lot more "abrasive" than she used to be.

During her appearence on Harper's Bazaar's September issue, the then-57-year-old actress shared her experience in the dating market as a much older woman. Sharon stated that after her brain aneurysm, her sense of humor changed and she became a lot more "brazen."

She now struggles to find a date because men often wonder if she's really flirting or not. Stone admitted that she "never gets asked out" anymore. More importantly, Sharon says that managing relationships has become more difficult following her brain damage.

While she might be more brazen in the way that she deals with men, Sharon is certainly more aggressive when it comes to handling her persona. When Chanel West Coast released a song parodying the actress, Stone quickly filed a lawsuit stating that the performing artist didn't have the right to use her name and likeness.

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