Sharon Stone Sues Chanel West Coast For Using Her Name In Rap Song

Sharon Stone Sues Chanel West Coast For Using Her Name In Rap Song
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According to a report from, Sharon Stone is now taking the rapper, Chanel West Coast, to court for using her name and fame in the song, "Sharon Stoned." The legendary Hollywood actress filed a lawsuit against Chanel in a federal LA court on Monday and is looking to thwart the video and song.

The 61-year-old actress accused the 31-year-old, Chelsea Chanel Dudley, of trying to use Sharon's likeness to facilitate her status as an artist. The lawsuit documents pointed out that the song uses the name "Sharon Stone" over and over again in the song in a gratuitous fashion.

The documents calculated that approximately 25% of the song's lyrics are nothing but the rapper repeating the name, Sharon Stone, over and over again, in fact, Dudley reportedly uses the name "Sharon Stone" 33 times and Sharon almost 100 times.

Furthermore, the video for the track reportedly is designed to use images of Sharon, including her identity, image, likeness, and persona, many of which are directly associated with some of her more iconic movie roles.

Moreover, the suit accuses Chanel West Coast of using her name to sell marijuana products without her authorized permission to do so. The documents describe Stone has extraordinarily popular, and a "pop culture icon."

The suit listed her accomplishments as well, including her social media followers on Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook. The video for the same also purports to mimic the iconic scene from Basic Instinct , in which Sharon famously uncrosses her legs to expose her vulva.

Additionally, the suit emphasizes the fact that Sharon does everything in her power to maintain strict control over the use of her name and public persona. Thus far, Chanel West Coast hasn't commented on the matter.

Despite her career as a rapper, Chanel West Coast is mostly known for her appearances on Rob Dyrdek's Ridiculousness as well as Fantasy Factory . Lil Wayne signed Chanel West Coast in 2012 to his record label, Young Money Entertainment.


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