Sharon Stone Mourns The Death Of Her Ex-Boyfriend Steve Bing

Sharon Stone Mourns The Death Of Her Ex-Boyfriend Steve Bing
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Sharon Stone is coping with the death of her ex-boyfriend. This Monday, multiple outlets revealed that Steve Bing passed away by suicide. During his career, the 55-year-old producer and film financier dated several famous stars, including Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Hurley.

During an interview with Extra, Sharon, 62, shared her thoughts on what it was like to lose Mr. Bing. Sharon said his death hit her particularly hard. "He's a complicated person," Sharon explained, before going on to say that Bing didn't always make the best decisions.

This Tuesday, Hurley, 55, commented on his death on her Instagram , stating that she was "saddened beyond belief" to hear that Steve had passed away. She described it as a "terrible end." Damian Hurley also commented on his death. 

Reportedly, Bing also had a 21-year-old daughter whom he had with the ex-tennis pro, Lisa Bonder. Her name is Kira. According to Variety, Steve Bing was also a screenwriter, a philanthropist, as well as a producer. He died after he jumped out of the 27th floor of his apartment building in LA.

On Monday, the coroner's office and the authorities confirmed that a 55-year-old man died after he jumped off his 27th-floor balcony. Sources who spoke with TMZ claimed that Bing was suffering from depression in the years leading up to his death.

Bing was born into a massive fortune of $600 million, which he got his hands on at the age of 18 following the death of Leo S. Bing, a real estate developer in LA. The producer had contributed large donations to many political causes created by the Democrats.

Bing got his hands on his grandfather's inheritance when he was just 18-years-old. He dropped out of Stanford University to try and make it into the film industry.

During his time in high school, Variety claimed, Bing penned the story for Missing in Action and also one episode of Married With Children . Back in 2003, Bing also helped co-write the action-comedy movie, Kangaroo Jack , starring Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson.

Mr. Bing also invested money into films like The Polar Express. Among his other producer credits includes Get Carter, Rock The Kasbah, Beowulf, Rule's Don't Apply, and CSNY/Deja-Vu.

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