Scheana Marie Opens Up About Getting Backlash For Her Gender Reveal

Scheana Marie Opens Up About Getting Backlash For Her Gender Reveal
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Being in the public eye is not an easy job. Considering that Scheana Marie shares even more about her life off of Vanderpump Rules than on the show -- some people feel entitled to judge her for just about everything she does.

Scheana revealed earlier in the year that she and her partner Brock Davies suffered from a heartbreaking miscarriage. Miraculously, Scheana was able to get pregnant naturally for the second time just months after the tragic event.

She shared her good news with fans with a partnership with Clearblue on Instagram and then in a video blog.

Recently, Scheana threw a gender reveal with some of her closest friends. She shared the photos on her social media pages and received backlash.

One, people were upset because she chose not to reveal the sex of her child until her next vlog. Two, people were upset that she was sharing details about her pregnancy so early. Lastly, there were those who criticized her for cradling her baby bump because she is barely showing.

She tweeted on November 4: 'It’s amazing to me how many people have opinions about how and when I should be announcing my pregnancy and revealing the sex.'

While chatting with one follower she agreed with the person's statement that they wished the haters would leave her alone.

'Me too!!! Everyone saying I got pregnant bc other girls on the show are? It’s disgusting. I don’t see things as a competition like some of them do. I was pregnant back in May, but it sadly didn’t work out. I’ve wanted this for so long. Didn’t freeze my eggs for fun lol,'

Another person offered an explanation as to why they thing she is receiving the negative opinions: ' I think it’s because you had a recent miscarriage.... and the rule of thumb is that you announce after about 4 or 5 months when that has occurred.... when you’re this happy, it’s hard to keep a secret... haters are always gonna hate.'

To which the Vanderpump Rules star quipped: 'There is no RULE. I announced when my doctor felt I was in the safe zone. All genetics were tested and cleared. And I’ve had 4 ultrasounds.'


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