Scheana Marie Reveals Boyfriend Brock Davies Has Been 'So Angry' After Miscarriage Brought Them Together

Scheana Marie Reveals Boyfriend Brock Davies Has Been 'So Angry' After Miscarriage Brought Them Together
Credit: Source: Bravo

Scheana Marie has been documenting her journey to become a mom for over a year now. The Vanderpump Rules star recently shared that she suffered a miscarriage after getting pregnant on her own,.

Scheana started her egg freezing process after being told that it may be hard for her to become pregnant naturally. This was before she started dating Brock Davies who is already a two-time dad.

Now that she has finally found her Prince Charming, Scheana was going to go back for round three when she unexpectedly missed her period. After going to a tarot card reader, she took a bunch of pregnancy tests that stated she was pregnant.

The elated reality star took a blood test which told her how far along she was. Unfortunately, during a trip with Davies -- Scheana started bleeding continuously.

She knew something was wrong when she stopped 'feeling pregnant' after a few weeks and her suspicions were confirmed when her ob-gyn couldn't find a heartbeat.

This would be devastating news to any couple. It was especially saddening for Marie and Davies who didn't know that she was capable of a natural pregnancy.

Luckily, the gym owner has been her sturdy rock during this time. However, it should definitely be noted that men grieve too when their partner suffers a loss.

Scheana shared that Brock has been finding it hard to talk about and he also has been so angry about the event that has brought them closer together.

'Life isn't always sunshine and f***** rainbows, I am well aware of that. Sometimes you just go through some really s***** things. But I hope that it makes us stronger. I think it's brought Brock and I even closer together.'

She went on to tell her podcast listeners.

'I felt like last week was obviously a very tough week for me. I know it was the most difficult podcast I've ever recorded. I thank all of you who listened to all of it. I just really wanted to get my story out my way... I just wanted to put everything out on my own platform, in my own voice.'

At least the two have each other and this is not the end of her process of starting a family -- only a tough beginning.


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