Scheana Marie Calls Out Haters Over Their Unsolicited Baby And Pregnancy Advice - 'Just Stop!'

Scheana Marie Calls Out Haters Over Their Unsolicited Baby And Pregnancy Advice - 'Just Stop!'
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It sounds like Scheana Marie has been getting all kinds of annoying, hateful messages, all judging her while she's expecting. That being said, the Vanderpump Rules star clapped back, defending herself.

Her baby is not even here yet and Scheana is already getting mom shamed, in addition to receiving unwanted advice from complete strangers all the time in her DMs.

As a result, she just couldn't hold back and decided to respond to those criticizing her over a number of things, including still wearing her bellybutton piercing while pregnant, supposedly cleaning the cat litter box, and purchasing way 'too many' diapers!

She posted an entire rant about it, starting with the diapers 'problem.'

In the video she shared on her IG Stories, she said: 'It’s like some of the best are telling me the Baby Brezza is a waste of money, I bought way too many diapers, I have too many of this…Because you, random stranger, said that to me, should I return stuff? What is the point of telling me once I got something that I do not need it or shouldn’t have got it?'

Scheana went on to acknowledge that if people criticize her so much already, things will definitely be much worse once the baby is born in three months.

The pregnant reality TV star made it very clear that she wants the mom shamers to 'just stop' already!


Scheana mentioned how grateful she was to the fans who sent her useful baby advice adding that 'to all the ‘Take your belly button ring out, it is going to rip, it is going to stretch, do not clean cat litter’ [type of people] y’all, I have been pregnant since last May…I have been pregnant for a long time…like, you do not think I know that I am not supposed to clean cat litter? That is what I got a Litter-Robot for…All these little tedious messages are annoying, filling up my DMs that I do not see all the actual important ones which need to be seen.'

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