Scarlett Johansson Gushes Over Angelina Jolie Joining Marvel!

Scarlett Johansson Gushes Over Angelina Jolie Joining Marvel!
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Scarlett Johansson raved over fellow actress Angelina Jolie following the announcement that she is set to join the Marvel Universe! As you definitely know, Johansson plays Black Widow so she is already well established in the MCU but Jolie is just now becoming part of the superhero genre with her role in The Eternals!

After Marvel Studio’s presentation at Comic-Con, Scarlett chatted with E! News telling the outlet just how excited she was about Angie starring in the upcoming film.

She gushed over Jolie but also all the other women set to appear in the next slate of superhero movies, increasing the female representation in the genre.

'It was amazing. I mean, there’s a lot of women up there that I hugely admire—Angelina, Salma [Hayek], Rachel [Weisz], Tessa [Thompson], Natalie [Portman]. It’s bananas. I think it’s very exciting. I think it grounds the presence of the MCU in a way. It’s very exciting to see such a diverse group of people. It’s awesome. And it’s about time,’ the actress shared with E! News.

For months, rumors had been going around that Angelina would be playing Sersi in The Eternals but, as it turns out, the character she’s taking on is Thena!

Johansson will also be starring in her own standalone Black Widow movie, as announced by the panel.

The action is set before the very first Avengers flick and will be showing more about the character’s past.

When asked how she feels about that, Scarlett said that: ‘I’m very excited about it, and I have to say, I was nervous coming here because we’re in the middle of shooting right now, so it’s not a time that you could ever share anything with anybody on any side of the movie, particularly in this universe, where everything is just so huge and the pressure’s on.’


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