Tatiana Maslany From 'Orphan Black' Cast As She-Hulk In New Series!

According to new reports, there is an upcoming Disney+ series in which none other […]

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 11:56 PM PDT

Olivia Wilde Gives Huge Hint About The Marvel Movie She's Directing!

Olivia Wilde could not help but give her fans and everyone else interested in […]

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 4:57 PM PDT

Chloe Bennet Slams 'Disgusting' Donald Trump For Calling COVID-19 The ‘Chinese Virus’ In Lengthy Letter

Just like many others, Chloe Bennet was not too happy to hear the president […]

Posted on Mar 19, 2020 12:47 PM PDT

Scarlett Johansson Announces Contest To Be Her VIP Guest At Black Widow Premiere - 'This Is Real'

Scarlett Johansson’s solo Marvel flick Black Widow is just weeks away from hitting theaters. […]

Posted on Mar 5, 2020 7:03 PM PST

Martin Scorsese's Daughter Francesca Hilariously Wraps All Of His Christmas Presents In Marvel Wrapping Paper After He Says The MCU Isn't 'Cinema'

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has created a whole bunch of controversy in recent months […]

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 2:45 PM PST

Is Marvel Replacing Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye Amid Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco Controversy?

Some Marvel fans are demanding that Jeremy Renner be replaced as Hawkeye amid his […]

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Francis Ford Coppola Agrees With Martin Scorsese's Criticism Of Marvel Films - Calls Them 'Despicable'

Once again, a huge name amongst film directors is dragging Marvel and the superhero […]

Posted on Oct 20, 2019 6:15 PM PDT

Avengers: Endgame Star Jeremy Renner's Custody Battle Turns Nasty - Ex-Wife Claims He Threatened To Kill Her!

Avengers: End Game star Jeremy Renner is battling his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco for custody […]

Posted on Oct 14, 2019 7:09 PM PDT

Robert Downey Jr. Responds To Martin Scorsese's Claim That The MCU Is 'Not Cinema'

Legendary director Martin Scorsese’s recent revelation that he doesn’t consider superhero movies - especially […]

Posted on Oct 9, 2019 3:10 PM PDT

Jennifer Lopez Says Marvel Has Taken Over Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez says that Marvel has completely changed the game in Hollywood over the […]

Posted on Sep 9, 2019 9:52 AM PDT