Salma Hayek Gushes Over Her 'Eternals' Role And The Other 'Beautiful' Characters!

Salma Hayek Gushes Over Her 'Eternals' Role And The Other 'Beautiful' Characters!
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Salma Hayek is very happy about being part of The Eternals and she gushed over all the other characters as well, not just her own! The actress said that every single one is ‘beautiful in different ways!’

As fans may know, Salma is playing Ajak in the upcoming Marvel movie.

While in attendance at D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, the star chatted with ET and revealed, among other things, that she found it really difficult to keep this project under wraps for months.

Two of her co-stars, Lia McHugh and Ma Dong-seok were also with her at the event.

‘I have known for a long time. I have known since March. We have to keep it secret and it kills you. It is like the most amazing thing that can happen to you, but you can't tell anyone,’ Salma told the news outlet.

Hayek’s character, who's actually a man in the comics, is apparently more motherly and more of a leader of the whole group, she explained.

‘But Chloé [Zhao], the director, has approached the leadership a little bit more [with a] deeper connection. So it is like a family and I am like their mother, and they are all beautiful in different ways.’

When asked what her daughter Valentina, 11, thinks about her portraying a superhero, Hayek joked that she hopes she will listen to her more as a result.

‘She is very excited about it, but the most excited member of the family is, about this, was my husband [François-Henri Pinault]. He loves the Marvel movies,’ she went on to say.

The movie is set to premiere in theaters everywhere on November 6, 2020. Are you looking forward to watching it?

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