Salma Hayek Celebrates Her 56th Birthday By Wearing A Red Bikini On A Yacht

Salma Hayek Celebrates Her 56th Birthday By Wearing A Red Bikini On A Yacht
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In a video uploaded on Instagram on Friday, the actress danced and grinned while on the boat. She also held a straw hat in her hand. Greetings on my 56th birthday! The cheerful video was captioned by Hayek. Always appreciative, I say.

The "House of Gucci" star received birthday greetings from Zoe Saldana, Drake, Anthony Hopkins, and other celebrities, as well as compliments on her bathing suit body from her fans. One Instagram user exclaimed, "56 has never looked so good."

Hayek frequently posts pictures of herself in bathing suits on social media. She and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, have a daughter named Valentina, who is 14 years old.

The Oscar candidate has changed up her swimwear throughout the summer, from a purple bikini in June to a black two-piece outfitted with a corresponding wrap last month.

Although she doesn't have enough time to exercise, Hayek told People in December 2020 that she does a form of therapeutic yoga.

In the conversation, the Daytime Emmy winner remarked, "I work with a woman in London who showed me how to position my body in a way that the muscles are active all day long." Therefore, you are using the muscles even when brushing your teeth. She went on to teach me how to strengthen my muscles without tightening them.

Instead of tensing them up, you relax them and concentrate on the portions that need to be used. You'd be shocked at the impact it can have if you're conscious of your body.

The Eternals actress also claims she doesn't have time to diet and instead opts to undergo juice cleanses because she isn't "good at" it.

She said, "Cleansing is like my meditation." It forces me to pause, pay attention, and consider what I'm putting into my body. I'm pressing the reset button and committing to my health.

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