Alexis Skyy Takes To Her Social Media To Defend Her Romance With ATL Rapper Trouble

Alexis Skyy Takes To Her Social Media To Defend Her Romance With ATL Rapper Trouble
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According to a report from, Alexis Skyy is not ashamed at all of her romance with the Atlanta rapper, Trouble. But her fans, on the other hand, have been insinuating online that she's trying to hide or conceal a potentially abusive relationship.

The Love and Hip Hop: New York alum has posted a number of photos on social media of her and Trouble hanging out ever since they first made their romance Instagram official earlier in the month. One picture, in particular, made fans wonder about the dynamics of the relationship due to the fact her facial expression supposedly looked like she was in need of help.

On the 20th of August, Tuesday, Alexis posted a photo of her new hairstyle, which Trouble has claimed was originally his idea. Fans of the reality star didn't like that, insinuating there may be some controlling dynamics in their relationship.

A follower of Alexis claimed Skyy was showing off their romance a little bit too much, and Alexis, in some words, stated that they're all about each other and the commenter better get used to it because they're going to see them together a lot more.

From what can be gathered online, it appears Alexis Skyy is more than happy with her relationship with the rapper. As fans of Skyy know, she was formerly in a relationship with Fetty Wap, in fact, she even had a child with him.

Their relationship was the source of much controversy, especially with her fellow Love and Hip Hop star, Masika Kalysha, whom she feuded with quite frequently. Moreover, the fact Fetty Wap has had children with more than one woman has spawned a lot of social media jokes and controversies.

Previously, Alexis took to her social media to defend her daughter against fans who were saying she was ugly. People online claimed her daughter was not that good looking on account of the fact it was born prematurely.

Many commenters, however, were more than willing to defend her, with one in particular writing that the child had a disorder called, hydrocephalus.


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