Safaree Shares A Video Featuring His Family: See Erica Mena And Baby Girl Safire Majesty!

Safaree Shares A Video Featuring His Family: See Erica Mena And Baby Girl Safire Majesty!
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Safaree shared a video featuring his wife, Erica Mena and their baby girl, Safire Majesty. Check out the post that he shared below.

'Hey @safiremajesty told me I should drop this I said I gotta ask @chethanx first cuz he don’t know about it 😱🔥 @obii.mp3 on the 🎹 what you think?? I can’t keep a straight face looking at her ❤️ Something special coming for Xmas STRAIITTTTT' Safaree captioned his post.

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Someone said: 'Omg she’s jammin😍' and a commenter posted this: 'It's her pouting the lips for got rhythm.'

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A follower said: 'she's a perfect blend of the both of you..beautiful!!' and a commenter said: 'I mean she's just Erica reincarnated 😂😂♥️♥️♥️ Adorbs!'

Another follower said: 'She got Erica attitude for sure he said hey stop that and she looked back at her momma like you better get your mansss,' and a commenter said: 'Yes FAMILY!!!! This is what it’s all about!!!'

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Someone else said: 'Omg she’s so adorable and looks like a mixture of both 🤣' and one follower said: 'I think she’s a good mix of both!'

A follower said: 'She definitely her fathers a child. She going to be jamming to every beat she hear. Too cute 💙💜' and a commenter said: 'Beautiful baby with her beautiful parents.'

Someone else said: 'She’s so perfect look already famous and knowing it!!! 😍' and a commenter posted this: 'That’s you kid man!!! Maje you move your head just like your daddy! ❤️'

Safaree  shared some pics of himself and  Erica Mena  on his social media account and fans could not be happier that these two are doing just fine.

You may recall that the couple was surrounded by breakup rumours at some point, but it seems that they fixed things.


Check out the pics that Safaree posted with Erica.

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