Erica Mena Makes Fans Excited With This Photo Of Her And Safaree's Baby Girl!

Erica Mena Makes Fans Excited With This Photo Of Her And Safaree's Baby Girl!
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Erica Mena shared a photo featuring herself holding her and Safaree's baby girl in her arms. People have been asking Erica for a really long time to post some pics featuring her baby girl. Check out the photo below.

An excited follower hopped in the comment and left this message: 'I watched their relationship blossom into a marriage and watched their series. I gave comforting words when hubby "allegedly" cheated on her and have been following her pregnancy and birth. I wanna know her name too. I feel like an auntie or God mom at this point.'

Someone else said: 'whatever the baby name is, she's here, she's gorgeous and healthy, beautiful ...and all yours.'

Another follower posted: 'personally I dont care I'm just commenting haha but to me hiding the baby makes it worse its drawing more attention to it huge celebrities like Beyonce and Cardi b show they kids and it's no big to us after a while but its her choice just let her enjoy the baby in private if she chooses I guess.'

Someone else said: 'I came to see how many people gonna say "awe she is so cute" I never understand how ppl say a baby is cute by looking at the back of their heads... I used to hear it all the let the scrolling begins.'

Another follower said: 'Most be only a face a mother could love!!!!! we understand.'

Someone else posted this: 'Hey Erica! Congrats on the family expansion! I'm happy to see you continue growing and I miss working with you,' and one curious fan asked: 'What’s her name.. I wanna know cause I just know it’s pretty.'

In other news, Erica seems to be missing her pregnant belly as she shared a gorgeous throwback photo on her social media account.

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