Safaree Posts New Video Showing George Floyd In Custody And The Police 'Beating The Sh*t Out Of Him'

Safaree Posts New Video Showing George Floyd In Custody And The Police 'Beating The Sh*t Out Of Him'
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Safaree shared a new video on his social media account in which the police can be seen having George Floyd in custody and kicking him while he's in the car. Safaree is outraged as you can tell from the message that he shared on social media.

'So they had George Floyd in custody handcuffed beating the shit out of him in the police car then took him out to beat him some more and choke and kill him.. sometimes I say I’m not surprised when I see stuff, but I’m really surprised!! Yo all 4 of these bastards deserve THE WORSTT!!!!' Safaree posted.

Someone else said: 'He’s just standing there watching them do it. How often does this really happen off of camera?' and a commenter posted this: 'What have we done to them, they hate us and want to kill us!!🙏'

Another follower posted this: 'But the autopsy doesn’t support that so wth really going on? I’m so glad the family is having their own completed.'

Someone else said: 'of course the state autopsy not gonna show anything cause they tryna avoid and cover up everything to justify what happened,' and another follower posted this message: 'His family is having a second autopsy done by their medical examiner so let’s see how that goes.'

A follower said: 'So now we know why he wouldn’t take his knee off his neck... he was probably trying to restrict him from speaking and telling the guy recording that the beat him.'

An Instagrammer wrote: 'That’s why I said last night when they brought out the story about him and the officer who killed him working at the same night club together seems like it may have been personal or something more to the story besides them just doing this over a fake 20 dollar bill. I think the clerk at the store who called the police on George was in on it too.'

Recently Safaree had more to say about this terrible case.

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