Eva Marcille Shares A Mind-Blowing Video Showing Who The 'BLM' Looters Really Are

Eva Marcille Shares A Mind-Blowing Video Showing Who The 'BLM' Looters Really Are
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Eva Marcille might have shocked a few pf her fans with the video that she shared on her social media account. This clip shows some people writing BLM on the walls and vandalizing the place so that black people take the blame afterwards. Check out the shocking video.

'#RP from @iamstevejones What color are these “#BlackLivesMatter” looters caught on video today at the #PEACEFUL protest here in #LA today! There’s a CLEAR #agenda happening here. And if you’ll open your eyes, you’ll see it👁Thanks to my girl @nia_miranda for filming and standing up to these looters for us!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🖤' Eva captioned her post.

This video triggered a massive debate in the comments.

A follower said: 'These people need the Karen treatment and followed and reported. If all of these outsiders keep coming in and destroying the peaceful protests WE get labeled thugs and animals, WE get profiled, WE get arrested, WE get our communities and businesses burned down and WE get our cause hijacked and overshadowed putting us right back to square 1!!!'

Someone else believes that 'They want to blame us though. Those women are probably police officers. It’s all a cover up.'

One commenter posted: 'these whites folks like, “hey let us show y’all how to tear stuff up”. They’re not gonna have to suffer the repercussions of this. They’re going back to their neighborhoods and college campuses unscathed.'

Someone else said: 'Other cultures partaking in these protests are intentionally adding fuel to the fire...'

Another follower believes that 'It’s been happening across the country, white people vandalizing and destroying everything. Many white people are angry today and are using this moment to vent.'

One of Eva's followers said that 'I see people taking advantage of the situation. Take off your hood and shades and don’t let the next black folk suffer the consequences of this “activism”.'

A lot of other bad actors are definitely trying to add fuel to the fire and aim to take advantage of this terrible situation that keeps escalating.

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