NeNe Leakes Has An Important Message For People In Atlanta: 'Don't Fall For It!'

NeNe Leakes Has An Important Message For People In Atlanta: 'Don't Fall For It!'
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NeNe Leakes posted an important message for her fans regarding what's been happening in Atlanta. This is about the tragedy that led to the death of George Floyd. Check out what she told her fans on social media below.

'Atlanta is BLACK POWER #stoptheviolence UPDATE TO THIS POST: Don’t come on my page talking ignorant, which is why I wasn’t posting on my page about the things happening but put them in my stories instead....The enemy wants us to burn down our neighborhoods! Don’t fall for it! DONT turn down the energy either....TRANSFORM IT! Organize & Protect the city! Good intentions here ok! #stoptheviolence #onelove #weallwegot #I,' NeNe captioned her post.

This triggered a massive debate in the comments among fans as you will see below.

Someone said: 'You can’t win for losing with our people sometimes. You post this you’re Auntie Tom! If you Don’t post you’re not angry enough🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m discovering people just wanna argue with someone.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Delete this. Won’t look right calling us out on your page but there’s no mention of the senseless deaths on your page.'

A commenter posted: 'If ur not standing on the front lines then keep your comments NeNe. Your voice may be heard by millions but ours isn’t. This is what’s getting us heard. Support goes a long way.'

One other Instagrammer said: 'For you!!! Lower-income communities still continue to hurt while you enjoy your lavish life!! READ THE ROOM.'

Someone else wrote: 'You can be black and possess anti-blackness. All these things listed have never stopped a police killing in Atlanta,' and another one of NeNe's followers said: 'But celebrities in Atlanta encouraged them to do this but now that’s it’s in Atlanta y’all want them to stop.'

An Instagrammer believes that 'Leadership being black is not enough if things aren’t changing,' and another person posted this: 'Man by you saying this just making it worse let them do what they need to do ..... !!'

NeNe was recently in the spotlight due to  the alleged affair with USDA worker Rodney White  when all kinds of details have resurfaced. Her Housewives rival, Kenya Moore, had a lot to say about it.

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