Safaree Is The Proudest Dad - Check Out How He Makes His Baby Girl Stop Crying

Safaree Is The Proudest Dad - Check Out How He Makes His Baby Girl Stop Crying
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Erica Mena gave birth to her and Safaree's baby girl recently, and both parents are in awe. Their fans have also been waiting for this moment, and to them, it seemed that Erica has been pregnant forever at one point.

Anyway, these two are living their best lives together, especially since their baby girl came into this world. Erica has another child, a boy who she loves to the moon and back.

While a lot of people are slamming her for not posting him on social media as often as they would like, she told people various times that he simply does not want to be posted.

Safaree is the proudest dad, and he could not be more in love with his daughter. He shared a video on social media, showing fans how he makes his baby girl stop crying.

Someone commented: 'Go ahead Safaree you be a #girldad I see him being great,' and another happy fan said: 'So damn cute...he’s gonna be one awesome father!'

One other follower is also here for this and commented the following: 'Black men being role models for daughters ✊🏾 need to see more of it! Here for it! 🖤'

Someone else said: 'I knew he was gonna be an amazing dad. So happy for him,' and one other follower said: 'Little girls love when they daddy sing off-key.'

A lot of haters kept mentioning Nicki Minaj in the comments in all sorts of nasty jokes - as you probably know, Nicki is Safaree's ex.

A fan asked the haters, 'Stop mentioning Nicki; they are both married y’all fans be doing too much 🤣.'

Both Erica and Safaree posted pics featuring the baby girl on their social media accounts, and now, Erica shared another photo in which she’s together with Safaree.

People could not be happier for this couple.

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