Erica Mena Is In Awe After Giving Birth To Her And Safaree's Baby Girl

Erica Mena Is In Awe After Giving Birth To Her And Safaree's Baby Girl
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As you probably know by now, Erica Mena recently gave birth to her and Safaree's baby girl. She could not be happier, and her fans are also excited.

People have been waiting for this moment since forever, and when Erica dropped the news that she gave birth, people got really excited.

Both she and Safaree posted pics featuring the baby girl on their social media accounts, and now, Erica shared another photo in which she's together with Safaree. Check it out below.

'We legit made the most beautiful baby girl ♥️ You are looking at FOREVER!!!' Erica captioned her post.

A follower said: 'I can only imagine!!! Her life is about to be lit!!!! Puerto Ricans and Jamaicans are two of the most lit nationalities!!! I can’t wait to see her!' and one fan posted this: 'I believe it♥️ Congratulations to you both.🌸'

One other follower wrote: 'I need to give you 🙌 for wearing heels and being pregnant, I had the most swollen feet and pretty much everything while being pregnant. You look beautiful.'

Another Instagrammer said: 'Scorpio and cancer yes @iamerica_mena @safaree. Yall are so compatible yall are soul mates read up on each zodiac sign - perfect congrats.'

People are also waiting to see the baby girl's face, but they will probably have to wait some more for this.

Erica only shared a photo featuring Safaree with his baby girl in his arms, and he shared a pic in which people can only see the baby's tiny hand holding his finger.

‘Just here staring at my husband as he obsesses over our daughter, ♥️🌹🙏🏽 I thank God. I prayed for this life,’ Erica captioned a gorgeous photo of Safaree and his daughter.

The proud parents will probably wait some more until they decide to show off the baby girl's cute face.

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