Tiny Harris' Latest Video Of Baby Heiress Harris Has Fans In Awe

Tiny Harris' Latest Video Of Baby Heiress Harris Has Fans In Awe
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Tiny Harris shared a video on her social media account featuring her and T.I.'s baby girl, Heiress Harris. Her mom is gushing over her, and so are Tiny's followers and fans. Check out the video below.

'A lil wake up for ya!! My babies newest obsession tiktok! I love my girls @myathatmf & @heiressdharris 👑' Tint captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Aww! It’s crazy how every little girl in the world on this Renegade hype right now though,' and another follower posted this: 'OMG...My daughter, she just turned ten today... One of the loves of life... But this right here this right here... She loves it... She tells me the other day Mommy I'm about to be a star.. So I left it alone.. Do it baby girl you can go as far as you desire.'

One other person said: 'Cutie pies😘 My daughter's on the same hype! Tictok dance for every song,' and another commenter posted: 'It’s officially time for me to learn how to do this.'

A person wrote: 'I went to Cali to visit my fam and my 7-year-old niece was on this all day. Lol. She wouldn’t teach me the moves, though. 😂'

Tiny made headlines just the other day when Tip shared a photo featuring the two of them.

He shared a pic on his social media account that had his fans laughing like crazy in the comments. The photo is really funny itself but the caption that Tip wrote is even funnier.

‘@majorgirl keeping her eyes on da goods…Somebody, please tell her my eyes are up here🙄’ Tip captioned her post.

People laughed in the comments and said that Tiny is simply looking at what's hers.

Fans are really happy to see this couple living their best lives these days and they could not be more excited to know that Tip and Tiny managed to overcome all their past problems and remain together.

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