Rihanna Wears Almost Nothing In New Photo To Promote Her Latest Project

Rihanna Wears Almost Nothing In New Photo To Promote Her Latest Project
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Rihanna has been hard at work, and she is currently quite split over several projects.

One of the most interesting ones for her fans has been the release of her visual autobiography, something that the singer has already shared various details about.

And to promote it, she has decided to wear nothing in a new photo.

She captioned the picture: "Over 1000 images, 504 pages. #theRIHANNAbook is in stores everywhere today!! It’s crazy to look back at all of the memories and be able to share these precious moments with you! Get your copy wherever books are sold 💁🏿‍♀️ theRIHANNABook.com @barnesandnoble @chaptersindigo @waterstones @harveynichols @phaidonsnaps."

And the more fans hear about it, and the more exciting the whole project is starting to sound.

However, Rihanna was able to maintain her characteristically secretive attitude about the whole situation and has been very brief on any details she has released about her work.

Recent reports indicate that the book will weigh about 15 pounds in its finished version, and will have over a thousand photos of the singer, taking readers/viewers on an epic journey through her life and growth.

The book will be offered in several editions, including the Ultra Luxury Supreme, which will come with its stone pedestal -- weighing just around a metric ton -- and will cost more than $5,000.

Rihanna has explained that she is aware that the book is a bit too heavy, but at the same time, she opened up about the way she saw her current fan base, admitting that she was aware of the way most people nowadays were.

More specifically, Rihanna pointed out that many young people seem to have problems concentrating on something for too long, which is why the singer chose a format of pictures instead of words for her new release.

Something which many have pointed out might not be a bad choice at all.

One fan had this reaction: "Amore Please, you need to sign my book! ❤️ The book is amazing! Congratulations."

Another commenter claimed: "The book is so special and means so much to the Navy to be able to look back and see all the memories throughout your career and to look back at the exponential growth on your continuous path to success. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of art with us.💙💙"

Rihanna is a force of nature when it comes to creativity.

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