Rihanna Stuns Fans With Makeup-Free Video That Will Get The Best Of Chris Brown And Hassan Jameel

Rihanna Stuns Fans With Makeup-Free Video That Will Get The Best Of Chris Brown And Hassan Jameel
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Diva Rihanna shared a new video where she is hypnotizing while makeup-free. Many of her fans are so mesmerized by Rihanna's beauty that they have watched the video over 10 times.

The businesswoman and girlfriend of Hassan Jameel shared a clip on New Year's Day where she and her friend are talking about being tired and confused after a night of partying.

Wearing no makeup, Rihanna tried to be serious and promote her new concealer but the champagne from the night before got the best of her, so she kept on giggling.

One fan said she looked great and added: "Hypnosis in full effect. Does her skin look so excellent all the time? I want to know what she uses for her brows; anyone happens to know? here take my money."

Another commenter went crazy over Rihanna's lips and eyes by saying: "I use to wonder why everybody is saying Rihanna so pretty this & that. I think somebody showed me and a pic of a different celebrity or something had me thinking she was ugly all these years ??‍♂️How can someone be so perfect. Her top lip is everything. You look great! You look younger. Like pin de replay younger."

This person wrote: "Her eyes are beautiful. I’m not gon lie I watched this video like e10 tithe most perfect person in existence. You really don't need any makeup girl. You have natural beauty af. Muak?."

The video will surely captivate Hassan and Chris Brown.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Rihanna likes Hassan a lot, so it was easy for her to hook up with him again a few times over the holidays. She even thought she was in love with him before their busy schedules interfered with their passionate relationship. Rihanna and Hassan have amazing chemistry, and she is not ready to let go of him completely.”

The insider added: “Chris is crushed, he had no idea Rihanna was still dealing with Hassan. He fully believed they were over and done for good, so it’s a real blow to find out they were out for a romantic dinner. Chris is taking it hard because he was really getting his hopes up.”

Rihanna is building a real makeup empire.

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