Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci Show Everyone That They're Still Going Strong With The Recent Photos

Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci Show Everyone That They're Still Going Strong With The Recent Photos
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There has been so much speculation regarding Reginae Carter, and her relationship with older YFN Lucci and fans did not quite know what to think anymore. And Reginae didn't really address the breakup rumors that have been floating online, until recently.

She posted a really romantic photo, and message on her social media account and Lucci hopped in the comments section to flirt with his girl.

This was the first sign that the two of them are okay and still together.

Now, even more pics with these two lovebirds come to highlight their strong relationship. Take a look at them below:

A lot of haters hopped in the comments section on The Shade Room's social media account, but there were also Nae's fans over there who defended the young lady and her man.

Someone said 'Damn they hate to see a consistent black relationship! ?? ❤️'

Another person did not like the fact that these two dress alike: 'Why they always dressing alike like they’re twin boy and girl? Grown ppl don’t have time for all that super coordination b.s.'

One supporter addressed the issue that he is older than Nae and said 'he is 27. What did Jay-Z 35-year-old want with 19 yo Beyoncé? Or diddy with Cassie? Or countless other people. It’s literally been going on. He is not a predator if she was over the legal age. Can’t put that term on someone just cause u don’t like their situation.'

Someone else also commented this, defending Nae and Lucci: 'Y'all in the comments talking about "I don't approve" and "lucci don't get a pass" like y'all opinions ACTUALLY HOLD SOME TYPE OF WEIGHT! Lol y'all acting like y'all the overlord of their relationship.....y'all don't matter.'

What do you think about Reginae and YFN's romance these days?

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