Rihanna Shows All-Natural Curves In Seductive New Photos

Rihanna Shows All-Natural Curves In Seductive New Photos
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Businesswoman Rihanna is showing the world what natural beauty looks like and fans are applauding her for keeping it real.

Pushing her lingerie line, Rihanna took to social media and she unveiled a sizzling photo shoot where she is wearing sheer lingerie.

Rihanna is probably making both her ex, Chris Brown, and her Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jameel, sweat after seeing the photos.

Fans are loving the fact that the Grammy-winner has not had any plastic surgery and has a natural body.

One fan said this to the diva: "Sis looking like a full course meal, plus the midnight snack. Now, this is natural beauty take notes. 💪🏽💪🏽"

Another supporter told Rihanna: "A snack that should be in the studio making music 😐 , but that’s beside the point. 😂Seeing her just really makes me happy. Organic Home Grown!! We Need More Of This 🙌🔥❤all of em 🤪 she looks like a pantry full of goodness."

According to Hollywood Life , Chris is still lurking around Rihanna's Instagram account and drooling over her sexy posts.

The source shared: “He is still turned on by her after all these years and thinks she has only gotten more beautiful with age. He has never stopped wanting her, and his attraction to her has gotten stronger since they have been apart.”

The person added: “He has matured, grown, changed and doesn’t see why they can’t make it work when the time is right,” our source continues. “He would still love to make her Mrs. Rihanna Brown. Until then, he loves seeing her sexy pics on the ‘Gram and will keep one eye on her always.”

The insider claimed: “Chris does still reach out to Rihanna, but not as often as he used to. He shoots her a DM here and there, every few months, just to stay connected and to let her know that he is thinking of her. Chris is trying to be patient with things and holds on to faith that if their love is meant to be, which he believes it is, then one day they will be together again. Until then, he respects her space and waits.”

Rihanna is now dominating several fields.

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