RHOBH - Erika Jayne Gets Candid About Her Sex Life With Her 80-Year-Old Husband, Tom Girardi

RHOBH - Erika Jayne Gets Candid About Her Sex Life With Her 80-Year-Old Husband, Tom Girardi
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During the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Erika Jayne opened up about her marriage to 80-year-old Tom Girardi. The 48-year-old entertainer made it clear that she is tired of having to justify her marriage, and she also revealed that there are no problems in her sex life.

Jayne was having a discussion with newbie Garcelle Beauvais, when The Jamie Foxx Show actress just came out and asked Jayne about her sex life with Girardi. She took a moment, and then said: “It’s OK, you know, people always ask that. They’re always like, ‘What’s going on?’ Is it 20-year-old f—king all day long? No."

Later in her confessional, Jayne - who has been married to Girardi for 20 years - says she has “dealt” with questions about her relationship with Girardi “forever.”

“The younger woman that marries the wealthier, older man,” said Jayne. “I’m tired of having to justify my 20-year marriage. Go get a 20-year marriage and then come f—king talk to me. Yeah I married a guy that's 33 years older than me and yeah he's got a lot of money, but you know what? He's a f--king good man. And that is the most important thing."

Even though Jayne has been on RHOBH since 2015, her lawyer husband has made just a handful of appearances. This has built up a lot of mystery about their relationship, and people are constantly asking questions.

Jayne says her husband is extremely supportive of her, and she even got emotional during the episode when she talked about how much Girardi’s support means to her. When she celebrated landing the role of Roxie Hart in the recent Broadway production of Chicago , she told Girardi: “Thank you for being so supportive. I would not have this without you.”

Girardi told his wife that he was “proud” of her, which made her start to cry. She then thanked her husband for saying that, calling it a “big deal.” Jayne added that hearing Girardi say he was proud of her is all she has ever wanted.

"You know obviously your success and your tours, all those little steps... this is the big deal, baby," he told her. "I'm really proud of you... It's too cool."

Jayne said it’s great to have financial support, but having emotional support is something she wishes she had more of growing up.

Erika Jayne started her run on Broadway back in January, but the show had to close early because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She said in mid-March that it was not the way she wanted to say goodbye to the Roxie character and her Chicago family, but she didn’t have a choice.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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