RHOA Star Yovanna Momplaisir Says She Will Try To End Nene Leakes and CYnthia Bailey's Feud

RHOA Star Yovanna Momplaisir Says She Will Try To End Nene Leakes and CYnthia Bailey's Feud
Credit: Source: Slick Talk

Real Housewives of Atlanta was introduced to Yovanna Momplaisir when she made a big splash at a dinner party during the last season of the Bravo hit. She has been asked to come back as a friend of the show and she is planning to put her upcoming camera time to good use by attempting to repair a longstanding friendship that has seemingly ended.

Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey have been at odds since taping the season finale of RHOA. Nene had a problem with Cynthia allowing Kenya Moore to come to her party knowing that she and Kenya were in an online beef.

What made things worse was when Leakes found out that Bailey and Kandi Burruss plotted to pretend that they didn't know Moore was going to attend - or at least that's what it sounded like on the audio captured.

Since then, the Glee alum has written Cynthia and Kandi off as friends and claims that she merely sees them as co-workers now. It's a sad situation for viewers who watched Nene and Cynthia's friendship blossom over the years but Yovanna intends to do something about it.

While chatting with Hollywood Life, Momplaisir explained: 'I think they definitely need to sit down and talk, so I’m hoping at some point, I can help be the bridge between the two of them because they shared a really good friendship for a long time. And, for their relationship to diminished to something like this … it’s sad.'

The newcomer added: 'It’s unfortunate that NeNe has been getting so much backlash because of the way they fell out, when it was all just her wanting Cynthia to just take her own advice. Do I still think she should have taken her own advice? — Yeah, because it’s the same situation. Do people make mistakes in friendships? — Absolutely. But, should it have gone this far? — No.'

She also went on to say that the last time she spoke to Cynthia, she was still pretty upset about the whole situation and didn't seem open to wanting to repair it.

Do you think Yovanna will be able to bring the frenemies back together?


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