RHOA: Drew Sidora Speaks On Her Feud With Kenya Moore

RHOA: Drew Sidora Speaks On Her Feud With Kenya Moore
Credit: Source: Bravo

If you've been watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you'd know that there are two new women on the cast. While Kenya Moore seems to have clicked instantly with Latoya Ali, she has made it clear that she doesn't care for Drew Sidora .

While getting together at Lake Bailey, both Latoya and Kenya shaded Drew about her hair among other things.

According to Kenya's recent interviews, she and Drew don't click at all.

Sidora recently completed an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she explained her side of things.

'I really felt something with Kenya. Like, I didn't know because it wasn't in my face, but I did feel the energy just -- I couldn't figure it out! So, after watching [the episode, it] explains a lot, you know what I mean? Why the relationship ended up -- or ends up -- where it is. Even with LaToya, they never said it to me. So, I just was like, wow. That's really shocking, a pet on my head? Is that what we’re talking about?'

She also expresses her disappointment in how she was treated by Moore.

'She just didn't take to me the way that I would've expected. We’re both actresses, and we come up in this industry, so I was surprised by it, but -- definitely -- she didn't welcome me in the way that I thought. You know, you can’t get along with everybody and I’m learning that. As much as it would have been awesome, because I really did look up to her when I was a little girl, it was awkward to me.'

This comes after Sidora chatted with Cynthia on the show where she explained that since she isn't in the same age group as Kenya, she didn't see her on many acting jobs.

The mother of one responded to the shade on Watch What Happens Live by saying that she may be older than Drew but she looks way younger.


It will be interesting to see how this feud plays out on camera.


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