Demi Lovato Reveals The 'Best Part' Of Being Single Months After Breaking Her Engagement!

Demi Lovato Reveals The 'Best Part' Of Being Single Months After Breaking Her Engagement!
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It's been nearly two months since the singer and her fiance, Max Ehrich, put an end to their relationship and it sounds like she is still single and focusing on her own happiness! Demi Lovato took to her IG Stories to also tell her followers what the best part of being single is, in her opinion!

Demi Lovato has no one to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas but she is not bothered by that in the slightest!

In fact, she has been looking at it in a positive way, even telling her followers about the good parts of being single!

Her IG Story message reads: 'The best part about being single is knowing my happiness is coming from no other person than myself.'

That is so true! This revelation comes after Demi and Max started dating back in March, right at the start of the pandemic!

It was a whirlwind romance that evolved really fast, the man popping the big question in July!

But it ended just as fast as it came because only two months after, they split up!

Not too long after, The Young and the Restless actor told social media that he actually learned about the breakup from a headline!

One source shared via ET that Demi felt like her fiance was not 'honest about things. She has worked really hard to get to a good place and is not willing to put up with anything that does not serve her in a positive way. The breakup was for the best.'

Furthermore, Demi told Seth Meyers while on his talk show last month, that she was getting to know herself better while in quarantine.


'Also just building better relationships with friends and family and even my dogs, getting to walk them is something that I did not get to do when I was working so much. This quarantine's been a nice little experience for me to get to know myself better.'

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