Rhea Perlman Will Never Divorce Estranged Husband Danny DeVito - Here’s Why

Rhea Perlman Will Never Divorce Estranged Husband Danny DeVito - Here’s Why
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Rhea Perlman will never divorce her estranged husband, Danny DeVito despite the two being separated for over two years.

The famous pair first announced they were separating back in 2012, after 30-years of marriage. They reunited a few months later only to go their separate ways in 2017, permanently. However, despite leading completely different lives, Perlman has no intention of legally ending her marriage to DeVito.

While promoting her new film, Poms , on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a caller asked the actress about the state of her marriage to DeVito. She had no qualms answering the question. However, her response was quite surprising to the caller, the audience, Cohen and Whoopi Goldberg who was also a guest on the show.

"We're separated, but I'm not getting a divorce. Danny and I have always loved each other. We have three amazing children together, and we really agree on almost everything important. We were together for 40 years, 40 years is a long time," she stated.

Cohen was quick to ask the question that was really on inquiring minds. Why would the actress not seek a divorce from her estranged husband?

"What for? We do live separately. But we see each other a lot!" Perlman expressed to the host.

Perlman goes as far as to say she and DeVito have a much better relationship now than they did the entire last five years of their marriage.

Although there was an adjustment period for their three adult kids, Lucy, Grace, and Jake, the actress reveals everyone gets along famously these days. She was open about sharing her children each have an excellent relationship with both her and DeVito.

This is not the first time Rhea Perlman has spoken out regarding why she and Danny DeVito will never get a divorce. Last year she opened up to The New York Post explain neither one of them has any interest in going through the divorce process.

"We agree on enough things, so why ruin that with the yucky things that come with a divorce?" she told the newspaper.

It is hard to argue with Perlman's line of thinking when it comes to divorce. Yes, the Cheers alum's thinking is unconventional, but it also makes sense if both parties involved agree. What do you think?


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