T.I. Still Keeps Tiny Harris On Her Toes When It Comes To Their Relationship As He Focuses On His Late Sister, Precious' Legacy

T.I. Still Keeps Tiny Harris On Her Toes When It Comes To Their Relationship As He Focuses On His Late Sister, Precious' Legacy
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T.I. has decided to dedicate something to the memory of his late sister, setting up a scholarship program in her name.

The rapper has generally been very open about his closeness to his sister Antoinette -- better known by her nickname, Precious to some -- and he has decided to do everything in his power to prevent her memory from fading away.

The rapper explained how his sister was a single mother doing her best to improve the situation for herself and her children, and she was always striving to do her best.

Tiny Harris' husband wanted the scholarship to reflect that, and he specifically designed it to honor the achievements of a student who deserves the recognition.

The winner of this year's scholarship has already been announced -- Tierani Scott, another single mother who has been working hard to keep those around her engaged in a positive way.

She has reportedly even founded the Queen Women's Empowerment Organization and has already made a lot of progress with it.

Many people have commended T.I. for his actions. Some of the comments have pointed out that the rapper should be seen as an example by other performers, who are all too often comfortable spending their money on themselves and their own families, rarely paying any attention to the needs of the world around them.

With that in mind, T.I. seems to be moving in the right direction, and his actions will hopefully get spotted by other members of the public sphere who will respond in kind sooner or later.

Deyjah Harris' father explained: "My sister Precious was a single mother, who worked to make life better for her children and everyone she encountered. In the spirit of that, we are awarding a deserving student a scholarship in my sister's name."

In the midst of all of this, T.I. can at least rely on Tiny, who had this to say about the current status of their couple.

Tiny told Hollywood Life: "We're in a great place. [It's] just day by day. Every day is different. Tomorrow I may not like him, and today I love him, so that's just what we have, but we're still sticking together. We're still fighting for it."

Fans are happy that things are falling in place for the power couple.

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