Ray J's Fans Are Impressed By His Baby Genius Melody Norwood -- Princess Love Shares Video Where The Child Is Talking At 9 Months

Ray J's Fans Are Impressed By His Baby Genius Melody Norwood -- Princess Love Shares Video Where The Child Is Talking At 9 Months
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Ray J, 37, and his wife, Princess Love, 34, are really raising a baby genius.

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star and businesswoman recently took to social media and she posted a sweet video where her 9-month-old daughter is talking.

Baby Melody can say "I love you" and "duck." Fans are beyond impressed by Melody's intelligence at such a young age.

One person said: "Darn, She Is Too Smart and Pretty 😊😍may God continue blessing your beautiful family I want you all to have a boy next😍😍😍How can I literally see you and ray j at the same damn time? #scary"

Another commenter stated: "Honestly she’ has been so super smart since a few months incredible to see what she starts doing!!! And growing into!! Blessings. Omg, she has ray j stares, but princess features 💕💕💕your such a smart lil girl that time and attention her parents giving Melody. Out of all the celebrities babies, she is my favorite one; I just love her 😍😍😍"

This fan shared: "She’s so freaking cute and smart 😍😍😍 she been talking since she was born 🥰🤗😂Gimme this baby 😍😍 Omgoodness she’s so perfect @princesslove. she is absolutely beautiful, looks like both of you."

A fourth person claimed: "That baby is so beautiful 😍. All of that hair!!❤❤That crib is so wrong.1st it's not even safe. Idk why they thought it was. Then they clearly can't see how fucken unsafe it is. She gonna mess around and hurt herself on it. Thought @rayj says he was getting rid of this bed."

A source told Hollywood Life that Ray J and Princess Love are eager to have baby number 2.

The insider shared: “Princess was already saying that she wanted another baby when she was still pregnant with Melody. She wants at least three kids, and she’s getting close to her mid-30s, so she does feel the time crunch. And pregnancy was very easy for her! Her friends called her a superhero because she didn’t have a single side effect or even a day of morning sickness, so she doesn’t feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.”

The source added: “Ray J and Princess are almost sickeningly in love right now, and when they’re together they can hardly keep their hands off each other. When Ray isn’t with her, he’s talking about how much he loves her. Having baby Melody has made him worship Princess even more, and he’s come full circle from being the biggest player to only having eyes for his wife and baby girl. Princess is totally back in shape and looks incredible, and Ray J says he’s never been more attracted to her. They are obviously very busy with their new baby, but the romance in their relationship is alive and well.”

Ray J and Princess Love have found the right rhythm.

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