Travis Scott Tells Kylie Jenner That He Loves What He Sees After She Posts This Picture In A Sheer Dress

Travis Scott Tells Kylie Jenner That He Loves What He Sees After She Posts This Picture In A Sheer Dress
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Billionaire Kylie Jenner has her man, Travis Scott, going wild over her latest photo where she is showing off the goods in a sheer dress.

On Tuesday, Kylie took to Instagram and she shared a sizzling photo where she is in a mini dress that reveals a neon green bra and matching panties.

While rumors claim that Kylie and Travis are having relationship issues, the famous rapper could not resist but leave a loving message for the mother of his baby girl, Stormi Webster.

Travis jumped in the comment section and left a heart emoji to say he loves what he is seeing.

Fans have a lot to say about the photo and the fact that Kylie had the best plastic surgeon in Hollywood.

One person said: "Real talk, out of her, Kim and Khloe, her surgeon actually did a good job on her body. It looks normal, no over the top diaper looking booty, no whopped hips. The lips are still a point of concern 🤔 , but her body looks good tho. A true example of some people bring out a different side of you! I truly am happy for them 😍❤️ everybody deserves this kind of love 🙌🏾."

Another critic wrote: "I mean if I had a perfectly paid for the body, I’d show out for the gram. whether a person has gotten multiple surgeries or not if they look good, she got what she paid for 🎯"

This woman added her two cents: "The more hate from black women they get(mfs we don't like), the more love they get. Black women, this what they want. Start skipping their posts. If they don't have our attention, anybody attention matters 😂😂😂 You know y? BCUZ WE HAVE THE JUICE 🤣🤣 If we start sticking together as1 we'll become a powerhouse facts on facts."

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life claims that Travis is eager to marry Kylie.

The person said: “Travis feels more in love with Kylie than ever before. Being on the road, away from Kylie and Stormi is like torture for him. He is not perfect but feels he has been very committed and loyal to Kylie since they first kissed. Travis wants to marry Kylie and would be heartbroken if she decided to leave him.”

The pal added: “Travis has little fear that things may not work out with Kylie and that he might lose her forever. If things do end for them, it won’t be from lack of effort on Travis’s part. He is doing his best to stay connected with Kylie & Stormi while he is on the road and doing everything he can to make things work.”

What are your thoughts on the plastic surgery rumors?

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