Ray J Points Out That His Kids Are His Biggest Encouragement

Ray J Points Out That His Kids Are His Biggest Encouragement
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Ray J's children are what motivates him to do better, a new report from BET revealed. According to the singer-songwriter, who was once linked to Kim Kardashian, his two kids, Melody, and Epik are a source of great inspiration.

During a conversation with reporters from People Magazine, Ray J stated that whenever he works hard in the trenches, it's all for his kids. Ray J claims he's doing everything he can to make sure his kids have a good life.

Fans of the performer know that he has two kids with the Love and Hip-Hop reality star, Princess Love, however, things between him and his wife haven't been the greatest lately. Regardless, he still works for the betterment of his children's lives.

Admittedly, it's a real challenge to balance the stress of work and family life, the singer remarked. While it may be difficult, Ray J stated that his "kids are everything," so he doesn't mind putting in the work to make their lives better.

As it was previously reported, on the 18th of February, Ray J announced his new song, "It Never Rains," will be released in the summertime. The star claims it's a classic tune for the city of Los Angeles. Additionally, Ray J has been working on other entrepreneurial endeavors, including the Scoot-E-Bike.

Ray J worked with the makers of the bike to produce a form of transportation that's environmentally friendly. The singer claims that it's time for all of us in the culture to do what's necessary to protect the environment.

As it was noted above, while Ray J's career continues to shine, his relationship with Princess Love has been on the rocks. Mel Walker reported earlier this month that he and Princess Love were not together at the moment, however, he intends on bringing her back in.

On his social media account on Valentine's Day, Ray J uploaded a picture of her with his son, Epik. Interestingly, Princess Love, the mother of both of Ray's children, wrote in the caption of the photo that God sent her a man to love her, so he gave her a son. Evidently, fans took it as an implicit shot at Ray J.

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