Princess Love Throws Massive Shade At Husband Ray J With This Picture And Gets Bashed For It -- Is The Marriage Over?

Princess Love Throws Massive Shade At Husband Ray J With This Picture And Gets Bashed For It -- Is The Marriage Over?
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By the looks of things, Ray J will have to work overtime to get his wife, Princess Love Norwood, back in his life.

The reality TV star took to social media on Valentine's Day and uploaded a sweet picture of her baby boy, Epik.

While the photo is innocent, Princess Love used the caption to throw Ray J under the bus.

The mom of two wrote: "I asked God to send me a man who will always love me. so he gave me a son."

One critic bashed Princess Love saying: "Sis, he is your SON, not your HUSBAND. Besides, only GOD never disappoints us. Children surprise you, too, when they grow up and live their own lives. Let’s mentally elevate."

A defender wrote: "She didn’t say she asked for a husband, did she???? Who said anything about a husband. Lawd, you all be reaching. Chill out and lighten up! He still will always love his mommy no matter how old he gets ... such a handsome little Prince and Princess you have. ♥️😊"

Another follower revealed: "You all have too much time and foolishness in that country. Calm TF down and get a life. May your children do as you have described. Hers will not as a man wishes in his heart."

This Instagrammer had this to say: "Wait, what I said the same thing when I had my son she means the love is unconditional with no questions or wondering. How did that get misconstrued 🤷🏾‍♀️ you know the saying #mommasboy that shit is real hope you understand not coming for you 🤗 The love from a son is sincere and unconditional. I have a husband who loves me, as well. It’s just not the same kind of love. Let the haters hate. 🖕🏾"

Another woman had this to say: "She said a man, not husband and a son/child becomes a man so yea she made sense... and since you mentioning God never disappointing you sounds like you into the word so you should know that whenever you grow you suppose to branch out and live your own life!! 🙄"

This sixth commenter shared: "I read your quote, and COMPLETELY understand it, and some people are too quick to read and NOT comprehend! Geesh...Lil man looks so content. BLESSINGS to you and your family. 😘💞"

Some are wondering if Ray J really wants to save his marriage.

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