R. Kelly Makes Another Big Money Move Confirming The Long-Running Rumor He Is Not Broke

R. Kelly Makes Another Big Money Move Confirming The Long-Running Rumor He Is Not Broke
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Things around singer R. Kelly are still far from good, as he continues with his attempts to get the legal system to give him some more leeway.

And while it does not seem like the artist's current defensive efforts were going anywhere, he is trying to push as hard as he can to get something positive out of the situation.

Recent reports indicate that Kelly has hired none other than Jeffrey Steinback, known for his extensive history in successfully negotiating plea deals for people facing difficult odds.

It is not yet clear what the exact plan of action for the two is. Still, Steinback has publicly expressed an interest in representing the musician, explaining that he sees opportunities for better treatment towards him by the legal system. Whether this will go anywhere is hard to tell.

Steinback may be an experienced legal negotiator. Still, the current situation of Kelly is far from pretty, and some have pointed out that the songwriter will need all the help he can get if he wants any chance of getting back on his feet.

Some have even joked that the attorney must turn out to be a wizard at his job if Kelly wants to have any chance at all, and that does not seem to be too far from the truth.

Steinback said this about his client: “I was brought in as another set of eyes. I did not meet a monster. I met a man who is hurting. … He’s done a great deal of good in his life.”

The legal system has already been working quite aggressively against the embattled R&B singer, to the point where some have commented that the treatment he is getting has been quite unfair.

Many flooded to social media to call out the star for spending so much money on high-profile attorneys when he claims to be broke.

One person said: "He’s claiming he’s broke, so why would he waste money on a plea attorney just to get “another set of eyes,” and his trial is in 5 months. I wish they would stop lying and just admit he’s pleading out. 🤣"

Another commenter stated: "The way he is going, all he is doing is draining his money on this... as I said before, he is slowly starving and may it continue. May he waste his time and money. All of it should go to all of the women, children, and girls he has done this too. Every. Single. Last. Penny. I wait for the day they charge him. Patience will keep us together."

This social media user stated: "That attorney work on high profile fed cases and known for epic plea bargains. My point is no one can get too comfortable with him just being guilty when a plea bargain can get him a lighter sentence. Courts need a guilty verdict and a life without parole sentence."

Kelly seems ready to fight back.

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