Is Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux?

Is Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux?
Credit: Source: Katie Holmes/Logan Lucky/Trans-Radial Pictures

A new report is out saying that Katie Holmes is dating Justin Theroux, but not everyone believes it. Star magazine reported on what is supposed to be a secret relationship and the publication also described it as Katie and Justin getting together for revenge on their exes. Katie Holmes had been in a long-term relationship with Jamie Foxx and Justin Theroux split from Jennifer Aniston. While Star quoted an anonymous source in their report, there is literally nothing that would prove Katie and Justin are in a relationship.

Katie has been busy working and she has several projects in the works. She finished Coda , Brahams: The Boy II , and The Secret: Dare To Dream. She isn't filming any projects or appearing in any television roles or movies with Justin Theroux either.

Though some have sounded off on social media and said they think the two would make a great couple, there is nothing that would confirm the two are actually a couple.

No one has reportedly seen them together, no photos of Justin and Katie together exist, and no one captured one video of the two on a date.

You may see the report by Star alleging that Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux are in a relationship below.

As you can see, the headline reads, "Sexy Katie's Revenge Romance" but it doesn't seem to be the case. Since Jamie and Katie split, she hasn't been linked to anyone publicly at all. The only photos and videos making their way into social media are of Katie and her daughter with Tom Cruise, Suri.

Katie recently did an interview with Shape magazine and she didn't mention anything about dating someone new, and specifically did not talk about Justin Theroux. She spoke a great deal about her daughter Suri, who is now 13-years-old.

Katie has been a bit private about her personal life and hearing her talk about her daughter was a rare treat for her fans.

What do you think about reports saying Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux are dating and that she is having a "revenge romance?"

Do you believe the reports or do you think they are fake news?

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