Quentin Tarantino Dishes On "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Characters

Quentin Tarantino Dishes On "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Characters
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According to a report from USAToday, Quentin Tarantino just revealed some intimate details regarding the characters from his up and coming film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

As film buffs know, Quentin's latest effort is heavily anticipated, not only for its all-star cast but for Tarantino's near-perfect track record as a director/writer. For the most part, the plot of the legendary director's new movie hasn't been revealed.

Other than knowing the time and place of the movie, and how it follows a stuntman and actor trying to break into the entertainment industry, not much else is known about his new flick. However, when he spoke with USAToday, Quentin had a few illuminating things to say.

The good guy of the movie, Rick Dalton, portrayed by the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio, has a successful career starring in a television series but finds it difficult to break into movies.

According to the director, Dalton is a man who's struggling deep down inside because he feels he could be doing better, but blames others and not himself.

This isn't the first time Leo and Brad Pitt have worked alongside Quentin Tarantino. Previously, Brad worked with Quentin in Inglorious Basterds and Leonardo worked with him in Django Unchained.  The year after Django's  release, Leonardo's lack of an Oscar win for his role became somewhat of a meme on social media.

Regarding Pitt's character, Quentin said that he is "one of the deadliest guys alive" who, due to his toughness and grit as a World War II veteran, has a sense of calmness about him.

And perhaps the most anticipated role of all is Margot Robbie's Sharon Tate, the woman who the Manson family murdered in 1969. Quentin's movie is coming out in theaters on the 26th of July and follows his critically acclaimed The Hateful Eight.

While The Hateful Eight didn't perform as well as Django Unchained, the movie has since grown to be yet another cult classic for Tarantino. Cult classic, in the sense that the movie has a devoted following, not that it's underground.

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