Will Smith Says He Didn't Take The Genie Criticism Too Seriously And Loved The Memes!

Will Smith Says He Didn't Take The Genie Criticism Too Seriously And Loved The Memes!
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It turns out that Will Smith was not too bothered by the fact that his Genie character from the upcoming Aladdin live-action adaptation was mocked and criticized. In fact, the actor knows all about the memes stemming from it and he actually likes them a lot!

During a new interview for Empire the actor opened up about the backlash, saying that ‘It was really funny. There was a Sonic The Hedgehog and Genie frog. Everything's under such critical scrutiny. I came up in an era when there was no internet. It is a new thing that I am trying to get a handle on.’

But as more and more images of his Genie were revealed, Guy Richie, the movie’s director, told the outlet that some of the people who were skeptic at first, ended up reaching out and apologizing.

‘It even came with apologies from some cynics who were really adamant initially. I have never seen such apologies in that world. I just thought, ‘Oh well, great, we are back to where I had hoped would be.’’

Of course, Will has some big shoes to fill by portraying this iconic character originally voiced by the late Robin Williams back in 1992 for the classic animated Disney movie.

But Smith has already addressed that pressure back in December, making it very clear that he is taking that responsibility very seriously.

At the time, he confessed that ’I was terrified doing the Genie after Robin Williams. I found a lane that just pays homage. It's my own thing, you know? So, I think people are going to love it.’

The new Aladdin adaptation drops in theaters near you starting with May 24!

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