Kevin Hunter Will Get Millions To Leave "The Wendy Williams Show"

Kevin Hunter Will Get Millions To Leave "The Wendy Williams Show"
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On the 18th of April, it was revealed that Mr. Kevin Hunter was fired from The Wendy Williams Show and was in the middle of negotiating a severance package with the other big-wigs on the production. Kevin Hunter, the estranged husband of Wendy Williams, had to leave the show due to their disintegrating marriage.

What's news, however, is just how much the soon-to-be ex-producer will make when he takes his first step off the set. According to a report from and BET, Hunter will receive $10,000,000 compensation for leaving the production "quietly," presumably, without speaking ill of Wendy or other aspects of the show.

Earlier in the week, Wendy's estranged husband released a public statement in which he apologized for his actions and said, himself, that he was going to take some time to figure things out in his own life as well as "right some wrongs."

This comes just one day after it was revealed by multiple outlets that Wendy had hired a security team to ensure nothing gets out of hand on the set. Allegedly, Wendy hired the team not only as a precautionary measure but also because there were a few heated moments between her and Kevin.

To make matters worse, Aveon Falstar, a singer signed to Kevin's record label, has accused Mr. Kevin Hunter of sexual abuse. However, he denied all allegations. Last month, Wendy Williams returned to her show after she had to take a step back due to a relapse.

As it was previously reported, Wendy Williams had to take a brief hiatus from her show, allegedly, due to the turmoil created by her separation with Kevin in addition to other personal-life related issues.

Sources claim that Wendy was found by her co-workers intoxicated one evening, and the incident was a sign to Wendy that she had to take a break. Rumor has it that the reports of Kevin allegedly impregnating another woman was what set Wendy off the deep-end. Wendy later addressed the personal issues she was going through on an episode of her show but never revealed the cast member by name.

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