Pusha-T Addresses Inactivity In 2020 - 'You Will Wait On Greatness Like The Rest'

Pusha-T Addresses Inactivity In 2020 - 'You Will Wait On Greatness Like The Rest'
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Back in 2018, Pusha-T dropped Daytona, which was one of the best albums of the year. Hot New Hip Hop says it was produced almost entirely by the Yeezy creator, Kanye West, and even though it only had seven short songs, many were quick to describe it as a potent classic.

During the same year, Pusha-T's new record as well as his track, "The Story of Adidon," which took shots at Drake, had the rapper in the headlines for several weeks. Regardless of his successful project, fans are now eagerly awaiting what he has in store for the future.

Earlier this week, fans of the performing artist asked Pusha-T a number of questions about his upcoming releases, and while he never revealed anything specific, he did say they would have to wait. When asked if Daytona could be considered as a classic yet, he responded, "that's still in question?"

Furthermore, fans asked Pusha-T about his inactivity thus far this year, and he didn't have time for it. He wrote to the fan, "you will wait on greatness like the rest."

As most know, Pusha-T was in the headlines on a regular basis back in 2018 when he and Kanye were gearing up to drop Daytona , which was controversial on a number of fronts. For instance, Pusha-T and Drake were in a back-and-forth that highlighted Drake's child which he hadn't revealed at the time.

Moreover, Pusha-T got his hands on a picture of Drake in blackface from his days as a Toronto actor. The photograph must've been embarrassing for Drake because he released a PR-esque statement on his Instagram explaining where it came from.

Drake wrote on his account that he was poking fun at the way in which the entertainment industry was still typecasting black men and people of color into stereotypical roles based on their race. Soon after, their beef subsided.


In the aftermath, Pusha-T said he was shocked their feud didn't go on for much longer. He claimed it would've been great "for the culture." With that in mind, it appears as though their feud was nothing personal.

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