Princess Love Norwood Announces She Is Divorcing Ray J In New Emotional Video While 8 Months Pregnant -- Raycon Founder Responds To His Wife

Princess Love Norwood Announces She Is Divorcing Ray J In New Emotional Video While 8 Months Pregnant -- Raycon Founder Responds To His Wife

It appears that Ray J is in some serious trouble with his wife of three years, Princess Love Norwood, after some recent events.

The drama began earlier this week when Ray J shared a picture of himself, Princess Love, and baby daughter Melody on Instagram.

In the photo, the seemingly happy family is standing on the red carpet for the celebration of the BET Soul Train Award.

However, it seems that Princess Love, who is over eight months pregnant, was not particularly happy about her husband's post, because she wrote under the picture: "Left me and Melody stranded in Las Vegas and blocked me from calling…now you wanna post family photos.#ByeUgly."

Since Princess Love's retaliating comment, Ray J took down the photo with the red carpet and shared a clip explained what is going on and said he never abandoned his pregnant wife and baby girl.

In the meantime, Ray J's fans asked Princess Love why she did not just leave Las Vegas, but stayed and waited for her spouse.

The starlet of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood explained that her car was in Las Vegas, but she did not dare to drive back alone to Los Angeles with only her small daughter and in such sensitive condition.

Love also said that she would not want to stop for gas or go into labor with all of the human traffickings that were going on.

She later posted several videos and said Ray J asked her to move to Vegas, and she wants to divorce him for being an uncaring husband.

So far, it remains unclear whether or not the couple will put aside their argument and makeup. Still, with their famously turbulent relationship, it will be no wonder if the two are soon happy together again.

One fan said this: "Everything will work out, no need to share personal biz with the world. It is hard to come back from, and you don't want your babies to see this ."

Another commenter shared: "God!!! the marriages that have come together before you are a fraud🙄. This is crossing the line people should be kept on their toes about your business, left wondering what’s going on, while you are walking around with your head held high smiling through the pain, not this. Don’t let NO-ONE see your hurt, you pressed, angry, or bitter cause of how the person you are with isn’t acting right. Leave people guessing and not in an “I told you so” manner."

Some say this whole thing is manufactured.

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  • CB
    CB Nov 22, 2019 3:41 AM PST

    Curious.. your wife is 8 months pregnant and you BLOCK HER from your phone... who the heck does that and then gets on social media saying.. "We never left.. i didn't abandon her??" Well how the heck would she no if you block a woman... what if she went into labor .. what an idiot this guy is.. i believe HER with whats going on...

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