Joe Giudice Raves About Wife Teresa While Still In Italy - 'You Look Great!'

Joe Giudice Raves About Wife Teresa While Still In Italy - 'You Look Great!'
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Even though their future together is uncertain while Joe Giudice is waiting for a final decision regarding his deportation appeal, he still couldn’t help but gush over his wife, Teresa. After the Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted a couple of pics on her social media platform of choice, her husband who is currently in Italy, left her a sweet comment.

It sounds like things between Joe and Teresa Giudice are going pretty well following their family reunion in Italy.

Despite the physical distance between them, Joe still felt like showing his wife of two decades some love.

It all started with Teresa sharing two separate snaps from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live and it’s safe to say that she looked absolutely gorgeous, something Joe could not help but notice as well.

Teresa showed off her great figure in a pair of gold leather pants and a black shirt and her makeup and hair were done to perfection as well.

One of the pics even puts her backside on display so how could Joe resist complimenting her?

Of course, a lot of her followers were quick to gush over her in the comment section but one message, in particular, stood out since it was from her husband.

‘You look great. Xoxo,’ he wrote and even added a thumbs-up emoji.

It was really sweet, especially given their current situation.

Speaking of, while on WWHL, one caller asked Teresa when she’d be back in Italy to visit Joe and she responded that ‘Umm..maybe this summer.‘

Andy Cohen was pretty surprised and pointed out that it’s ‘in like eight, nine months.’

Teresa went on to explain that their daughters would still go and spend Christmas with their dad while she’ll stay at home to work.

As for the reason why she’d have to wait until the summer of 2020 to reunite with her husband, she said: ‘That’ll be my next break because the girls have school.’


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