French Montana Hospitalized For Stomach Pains And Elevated Heart Rate

French Montana Hospitalized For Stomach Pains And Elevated Heart Rate
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French Montana was hospitalized on Thursday for an elevated heart rate and severe stomach pains.

According to E! News , the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department confirmed the rapper was transported to a local hospital in the San Fernando Valley. French was at his home when he started suffering stomach pains and his heart rate increased rapidly. It was his choice to seek medical treatment after growing concerned over his health.

The police were initially called to his home for what authorizes believed was a robbery in progress. However, when the police arrived on the scene, there was no robbery. The rapper though appeared to be in a significant amount of pain, so cops urged him to call an ambulance.

French, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, is alert and wake despite the scary circumstances that got him sent to the hospital. He is undergoing treatment that includes IV fluids.

Sources close to the rapper said he has been traveling extensively the past couple of weeks. Trips to the Middle East and Europe were part of his itinerary. His Instagram account shows him spending time with family and friends in his native country of Morocco

TMZ is reporting those close to French believe he may have been exposed to some kind of contaminated food. The musician has not spoken out regarding his current medical issues.

Fans have been flooding social media with well-wishes for the rapper since news of his hospitalization broke. Although it looks like he is going to be just fine, fans are still sending him messages with positive thoughts and vibes.

"Wow my heart, my original papi Karim is in the hospital. Praying for you - Mrs.Kharbouch @FrencHMonTanA" wrote @Idalisss

"If French Montana die I'm just done with the whole 2019," shared @__keedieeee

"Prayers up for my guy @FrencHMonTanA stay up & blessed cant lose another legend," Tweeted @Ninho_Lucciano

"Get well soon @FrencHMonTanA Much kuv from @agnezmo fans," commented @AGNEZMOxTEAM.

"Prayers for French Montana," Tweeted @ComplexAmbition

Oh yes, fans are concerned after French Montana was hospitalized for cardiovascular issues earlier today. Thankfully reports indicate he is getting the medical attention he needs and should be released soon.

Fans should expect the rapper to comment on his health situation as soon as his hospital stay is over. French is open with his fans, so it would be unlike him not to share an update once the health crisis is under control.

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