Prince Philip Warned Prince Harry Not To Marry Meghan Markle

Prince Philip Warned Prince Harry Not To Marry Meghan Markle
Credit: Source: Business Insider

Rumors of a feud between Prince Harry and Prince William have swirled for months, with claims that William warned his younger brother about how fast he was moving with Meghan Markle at the beginning of their relationship. Now, a new report claims that 98-year-old Prince Philip also warned Harry about marrying Markle, telling his grandson that “one steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.”

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Prince Philip’s old-school warning came early in Harry and Meghan’s relationship, but he has now changed his tune and supports the marriage. William no longer doubts the relationship, either, says royal expert Katie Nicholl. But, at the time, William was simply making sure that his younger brother was making the right decision.

“I think what was intended as well-meaning, brotherly concern and a bit of advice went down quite badly with Harry, who felt that William wasn’t being as supportive as he might’ve been,” says Nicholl. "So there has certainly been tensions between the brothers.”

Nicholl says that William now sees how happy Meghan makes Harry, and the former Suits actress has impressed the future king with her work ethic and her quick adaptation to royal life. Nicholl claims that the Duke of Cambridge now realizes that Meghan is the best thing to ever happen to Harry.

While both brothers are now husbands and fathers, they are on two very different courses. William is preparing to be the heir to the throne, while Harry’s royal duties include supporting the welfare of servicemen and women, mentoring schemes, the Invictus Games, and his charity work for African conservation and supporting pediatric HIV/AIDS patients.

Before the brothers started their families, they launched the Royal Foundation in honor of their late mother, Princess Diana. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle joined the foundation after they became part of the royal family, but now they are restructuring the charity because of the two couples’ differing roles and households.

"We announced earlier this year that The Royal Foundation was reviewing its structures in order to best support Their Royal Highnesses in their future roles and their new households," a spokesperson for The Royal Foundation told Entertainment Tonight. "Any announcement regarding the outcome of this review will be made in due course."

Reports had surfaced that the foundation would announce that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had left the charity, but that didn’t happen as expected. Still, the two couples continue to distance themselves from each other and pursue their different passions while raising their respective families.


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