Presley Gerber Is Going Through A 'Rebellious' Phase A Source Explains

Presley Gerber Is Going Through A 'Rebellious' Phase A Source Explains
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Presley Gerber is going through a "rebellious phase," a source from Us Weekly recently revealed. Even though Presley comes from Hollywood royalty, considering his mother is one of the most famous fashion models of all time, Presley wants to travel down his own path away from the image of his family.

Earlier this week, Gerber sparked controversy in the media headlines for getting the word "misunderstood" tattooed on his face. Presley is the son of Rande and Cindy Crawford.

As it was noted above, a source who spoke with Us Magazine provided additional context to Presley's life, adding that the young man was "going through a super rebellious phase."

Presley reportedly wants to move out of the shadow of his famous family and forge his own individuality and identity. Additionally, he has been enjoying the attention he's been getting, even if much of it has actually been negative.

Moreover, Presley has found it challenging to find his own success, in comparison to his mother, father, or even his 18-year-old sister, Kaia Gerber. The insider claimed it's been difficult for him because of his parents' stellar reputation, as well as Kaia who's thought of as a "sweetheart."

In other words, Presley just wants to forge his own path in the world, rather than follow in the footsteps of his family. On his Instagram Live, Presley said that if anyone wanted to talk badly about him or his tattoo, he would provide his address and they can come say it to his face.

Following the social media backlash and media criticism, Presley stepped out for a night on the town with girlfriend Cameron Rorrison. Presley and Cameron went to Paris Hilton's 39th birthday party in LA on the 20th of February. Insiders revealed to Us Weekly that Presley was there with his girl wearing grills, drinking a clear liquid out of a cup, while also carrying a water bottle.

Rande and Cindy Crawford are concerned for their son's wellbeing, who was arrested for driving under the influence back in January of 2019. The source added that the young man has been hanging around less than reputable characters, and it's beginning to have an effect on him.

While Presley has found work as a model, he's not really interested in doing it anymore. He's not passionate about it.

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