Kaia Gerber Wears A Two-Piece Bathing Suit And Snuggles Two Cuddly Puppies As She's Photographed Without Her Cast

Kaia Gerber Wears A Two-Piece Bathing Suit And Snuggles Two Cuddly Puppies As She's Photographed Without Her Cast
Credit: Source: Kaia Gerber/Instagram

Summer is off to a great start for 18-year-old Kaia Gerber who recently shared photos of herself snuggling two puppies to her chest while she wore a bikini with her 5.7 million Instagram followers. The photos come after Kaia revealed she injured her wrist during quarantine and was wearing a cast. Now, Kaia showed off her arm without the cast in what appears to be a sign that the supermodel is healing well. Posing outdoors, Kaia was seated on a towel and shielded her hair, face, and eyes from the sun in a straw hat. Edges of her newly blonde hair peeked out from under the wide brim and Kaia's heart tattoo was visible on her arm. Both Kaia and her brother Presley Gerber have received plenty of attention for their tattoos as the two seem content getting inked over their bodies.

The puppies were adorable and Kaia held a white puppy and a black and brown mix. She has been photographed with puppies before and it is clear she is an avid dog lover. The photo that Kaia shared has more than 300,000 likes. You may see it below.

About a month ago, Kaia shared a photo where she was holding her cast up in the air and it was evident that she was thrilled about her quick healing. She still had a bandage on her arm but pointed out that she "got her elbow" back.

It appeared that Kaia had a bit of a rough time during the Coronavirus lockdown and hurting her wrist didn't help matters. She bleached her hair herself (and did an excellent job) and shared photos of herself painting with one hand.

Kaia shared another photo of herself with her white puppy and stated that the two were taking their fifth nap of the day.

Kaia went through a public relationship with ex Pete Davidson and many felt that she was too young to deal with the problems the relationship was reportedly bringing to her life. Since her split from Pete, Kaia began social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic and hasn't publicly announced any current relationships.

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