Porsha Williams Shows Off Baby Pilar Jhena's Closet In New Pictures -- 'RHOA' Fans Say She Is Suffering From 'First Child Syndrome'

Porsha Williams Shows Off Baby Pilar Jhena's Closet In New Pictures -- 'RHOA' Fans Say She Is Suffering From 'First Child Syndrome'
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While she might not be aware of it, Porsha Williams is having what is commonly known as first child syndrome, and this beautiful picture proves it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who recently gave birth to a stunning baby girl named Pilar Jhena, took to social media where she showed off the fancy closet she has set up for her 7-week-old daughter.

The fiancée of Dennis McKinley has fans going gaga with the epic wardrobe that featured a ton of onesies, dresses, and even shoes - not to mention adorable teddy bears.

One fan told the new mom: "First child syndrome 😂😂😂 I was like this was my pooh chile everything had a perfect designed place smh second child I was like hand me a receiving blanket (don't u mean bib) 😂😂How cute 😍then everything will be everywhere after a while lol. And don’t let Nene in her closet, please💋."


This follower stated: "This isn’t an expensive setup. It’s just being organized. This is very obtainable closet. Love it. Welcome Baby P. I tried this ... my mom organized everything in labeled sections, and now my baby girl is 5 months... and the bows are mixed with the socks, towels in the blanket bin, smh🤦🏾‍♀️ ..."

Another mother wrote: "Now the real question is, how do you keep it like that??? 😍😍😍You won’t use half that stuff... Girl adds some closet space for Dennis knock some walls out or something lol the babies closet is nice tho. I cried a couple of times watching PJ’s special. Pj lol I really like your family, Porsha! I love how caring and level headed Dennis is too. Sending love and blessings your way. Job well done, sis! ❤️👑"

This fourth commenter shared: "Now how long will it stay that organized. We had it done to our home also when we had our babies, and it was a Hot mess weeks later 🤣🤣. They grow so fast. Don't waste a lot of money on clothes because you'll end up giving most of it away. Maybe it'll be a small tax break giving to charity. Congratulations Boo💋"

Porsha had been praying for her miracle baby and had always revealed that baby PJ was going to be a mini fashionista. This seems to be true.

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