Ruby Rose Thrills In New Trailer For Lesbian Batwoman CW TV Series — Show Is Called Groundbreaking

Ruby Rose Thrills In New Trailer For Lesbian Batwoman CW TV Series — Show Is Called Groundbreaking
Credit: Source: Ruby Rose/Batwoman/CW

The trailer for CW's upcoming show Batwoman is here and Ruby Rose is thrilling as Kate Kane aka Batwoman. The show is groundbreaking and challenges many stereotypes as Kate Kane is the first lesbian superhero to star on television. Fierce, unapologetic, and proving a woman can save the "damsel in distress" just as well (if not better) than any many could, Batwoman is nothing less than revolutionary.

In the trailer, we see that Batman is gone and the city is protected by the crows. Villains wreak havoc on the city and during the midst of it, Kate Kane's partner, Sophie (played by Megan Tandy goes missing. Kate immediately takes action and approaches her dad (who leads the crows) to offer her assistance. She is Batman's cousin and goes to his Bat lair in order to retrieve his suit.

It's at this point in the trailer something extraordinary occurs.

Speaking to the assistant at Batman's underground lair, the following exchange occurred.

"I need you to fix his suit,” said Batwoman.

Batman's assistant answered, "The suit is literal perfection."

To which Batwoman quips, “It will be, when it fits a woman."

This is just a sample of some of the groundbreaking dialogue that is virtually unheard of with a female superhero, let alone a female lesbian superhero on primetime television.

You may watch the Batwoman trailer starring Ruby Rose as Kate Kane in the video player below.

LGBTQ fans, as well as straight ones, are praising the new series for taking on stereotypes and bringing gay characters that children and teens can look up to. Ruby Rose is a trailblazer herself and has been an out and outspoken advocate for LGBTQ causes throughout her career— first in Australia, then in the United States.

She was a fan favorite when she joined the cast of Orange is the New Black (OITNB ) and her self-produced video Break Free, where she addresses and challenges gender roles went viral on YouTube with more than 46 million views.

You may see Ruby Rose in Break Free in the video player below.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ruby Rose this fall when Batwoman premieres on the CW?

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